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Name: Armpit Jacob
Website: http://www.clazh.com

Profile: Hi There my name is Arpit Jacob and I run The Clazh - Tech and Design Blog. I launched this blog on the 1st of April 2007, with a focus on Technology, Web Development and Design. I try my best to provide quality content, articles and tutorials. The blog aims to build a community around which people can grow and learn from each other. I am currently living/working in Chennai, India. I have been fascinated with computers since I got one at age 15. I am a self taught Web developer and Designer and have been developing websites since the age of 16. My key interests are in the area of web design, usability and development with a focus on the use of Web Standards. I have a bachelor’s in Information Technology and worked as a freelancer for about a year, I am currently working as a .Net Web Developer. I love meeting and interacting with people of similar interests. My blog has been a medium through which I have met and interacted with a large number of people. I am constantly looking to improve my skills and network.


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