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  • Omni

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    The Omni theme series is the latest set of premium WordPress themes to hit the market. It’s the first premium template done by Bryan and he’s done a really great job. The theme is very well laid out and comes with all the web 2.0 features. The Omni series of themes includes four different themes. […]

  • Natural Essence

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    This template has a woodsy nature feel to it yet it’s quite inviting for any sort of blog. Natural Essence is a 2 columns new Blogger template submitted by “Oz” and enhanced by eBlog Templates. It’s got a nice floral brown header image and a clean simple template body. There is also a cool footer […]

  • Yellow Puppies

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    Calling all dog fans, come get the latest and greatest Blogger Yellow Labrador puppy template! This template is an original from your favorite template site, eBlog Templates. It’s a cute dog loving template with three yellow lab puppies wearing red collars posing outside on the grass. The header also includes dynamic tabs so you can […]

  • Aspire

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    Medieval, parchment, and scroll blogger templates seem to be very popular these days so we’ve taken the liberty to find another great one called Aspire. This three-column Blogger template comes dressed up with all the goodies a knight of the round table would want for his blog. You get a search box, recent posts and […]

  • Nature’s Charm

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    This nice Autumn flower Blogger template is quite pretty as well as functional. The header image contains a nice picture of flowers (Sunflower, etc) so you can use it for a florist theme or any other creative blog you can think of. It’s a two column template with header tabs and all the great page […]

  • The Globe

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    This tan colored template starts off with a globe image in the header and has rounded modules throughout the body. It’s a web 2.0 looking Blogger template and easy to change the header image and colors within the code. There is also a subscribe feed module that you need to update if you want it […]

  • Quake 4

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    Quake 4 is the fourth title in the series of Quake FPS computer games. For those of you who are die-hard fans, I sure don’t need to be telling you about the storyline. This Blogger template has a picture of one of characters decked out in battle gear and ready to take action. This is […]

  • Parchment

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    Are you a fan of Shrek or the Medieval Times? If so, then this is the perfect Blogger template for you! Write your posts on official parchment paper and let the king read it every day. Peasants are welcome to read your blog as well but are known to gossip amongst themselves after receiving the […]

  • Sahara

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    Whether you’re at the beach or stuck in the Sahara desert, you’ll love this sandy Blogger template. The vacation is yours by just downloading and installing the template into your Blogger account. This template comes with page tabs where you can modify them and point to different places on your blog. This template was originally […]

  • Peaceful Rush

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    This template was originally designed by our favorite WordPress designer, small potato. His work is used all over the blogosphere and his designs are very well known. This is another one that BlogCrowds has taken and converted into a Blogger template. We at eBlog Templates have taken this template one step further. All images have […]

  • Chocolate Beach

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    Chocolate and the beach are two of my favorite things. This template is more of a wedding photo theme than chocolate but regardless, it’s a nice looking template. This is a two column XML layout designed for use with the newest version of Blogger. It’s a fixed width and will fit perfectly on an 800×600 […]

  • Coffee Talk

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    For all you coffee drinkers out there….this is the template for you. The design has rounded corners and brown mocha shades to compliment the cup of coffee header image. This template is fixed width. This template will NOT work in “classic” Blogger mode. This theme features a built in RSS Feed and full support for […]