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  • Mashable’s “70 Fresh & Modern Blogger Templates” List

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    Mashable.com just released a new list of their favorite 70 Fresh & Modern Blogger Templates. Of the 70 total templates mentioned by Mashable, a whopping 9 were selected from eBlog Templates. It’s great to be recognized from such an established site and the other templates listed there are also some great ones. I’m actually surprised […]

  • Langit

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    Langit is the latest and coolest “make money” blog template to hit the scene here at eBlog Templates. It’s a very modern, web 2.0, 3 column, black and blue template with a ton of features including some never before used in a Blogger template! We really try to push the limits with our latest and […]

  • is_Simple

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    This new addition is a three column red and white Blogger template for those looking for a very simple look. It’s like getting an empty canvas and now it’s your chance to paint it however you want. The right sidebars come with your standard widgets as well as some additional custom ones. eBlog Templates has […]

  • “What Blog Template Should I Make Next?” Contest Finalists

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    First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in the “What Blog Template Should I Make Next” contest! The list of submissions was nicely selected and as expected, several of the submissions were magazine-style templates which is the latest trend in blog templates. The bad news is at this point magazine-style themes are really hard […]

  • Grungy

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    Grungy is an artistic new Blogger template with a nice look. It’s got aqua blue and white for it’s primary colors and the icons throughout the template are somewhat smeared to give you that grunge look (hence the name of this template). It’s a two column template with all the usual goodies like recent comments […]

  • It’s That Time Again – Blogger Users Are On The Prowl

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    It’s almost the start of a new month which means hundreds of Blogger users are out looking for a new blog template. How do I know this? This phenomenon is what I call the “End of the Month Blogger Blues” where Bloggers are shocked to discover their template images are no longer showing up. First […]

  • Big City Girl

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    This template reminds me of the HBO show, “Sex and the City”. It’s girly pink and night black which is a perfect look for a New York or any city girl. The header has a cartoonish pink city image while the rest of the template is pretty much black. There’s room for lots of widgets […]

  • Refresh

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    If the colors of Digg suit your fancy, then I’ve got a new Blogger template for you. It’s called Refresh which is a subtle two column template with some nice features. First off, you get the dynamic header tabs built in so just edit the “top tabs” widget and your tabs will appear. The original […]

  • Frozen Age

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    This template gets it’s chilly name from the snow covered mountain header image. It’s a nice looking new Blogger template with two columns and several sidebar widgets already built in. You get the recent comments and recent posts widget (you’ll need to enter your blog feeds in order to make it work). It also comes […]

  • Business Blue

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    Business Blue is a clean three column new Blogger template with a simple, yet soothing blue and white header image. Blue is dominant color throughout this design and it’s widget ready so you can customize it however you like. The top tabs are setup to be easily configurable within your page layout window. Just edit […]

  • Pinky Girlz

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    This Pinky Girlz new Blogger template is really really ads-friendly and was made for the all you girls out there. It’s a really funky template and I hope you will like it a lot! How To Install First, at the dashboard, simply go to –> layout–> edit html Then, upload the template xml file Save […]

  • eBlog Templates Surpasses 10,000 Downloads

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    On February 29th, 2008, eBlog Templates hit an amazing milestone of having served over 10,000 WordPress and Blogger template downloads. Not only is that an huge number of downloads for a website in general, but the impressive part is eBlog Templates is only 2 1/2 months old. We launched December 15th 2007 and have had […]