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eBlog Templates Surpasses 10,000 Downloads

On February 29th, 2008, eBlog Templates hit an amazing milestone of having served over 10,000 WordPress and Blogger template downloads. Not only is that an huge number of downloads for a website in general, but the impressive part is eBlog Templates is only 2 1/2 months old. We launched December 15th 2007 and have had steady growth ever since. Our goal was to become the largest web blog template destination site in the world and we’re excited with the results thus far.

We’d like to share some of the download history with you to give everyone an idea of where our visitors come from. It’s pretty amazing that we’ve got such a huge reach around the world and our templates are being used by people from all different countries. Here’s a list of the top ten countries with the total number of downloads over the past 2 1/2 months:

  1. United States – 2,823
  2. Malaysia – 1,245
  3. Indonesia – 1,122
  4. India – 954
  5. Turkey – 649
  6. Philippines – 464
  7. Singapore – 386
  8. Australia – 363
  9. Canada – 351
  10. Brazil – 307

Of course this site would be nothing without our visitors so we’d like to thank anyone who’s ever downloaded one of our free high quality WordPress or Blogger templates. We’d also like to thank blog designers who have submitted their work to be included in our high quality template library.

As you’ve probably already figured out, eBlog Templates is a great free channel to share your work with people looking for blog templates. Our dashboard and stat information gives you total insight into how many views and downloads each one of your templates has gotten. If you haven’t already signed up with eBlog Templates you can create a free account anytime and submit your templates for inclusion.

We have exciting plans ahead and of course more wonderful templates and articles to come so stay tuned!

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4 Responses to “eBlog Templates Surpasses 10,000 Downloads”

p4ladin on Aug 26, 2008, 10:49 am  

It looks very attractive.Hi Can you please convert this theme to blogger?

I am already using one of your theme here:


moneyholic on Dec 21, 2008, 2:10 am  

wow amazing … I wish only the more free templates and better … bravo

Alina Parker on Dec 25, 2008, 6:25 am  

I am using your template on my blog
Thank you

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