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  • Dilectio

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    Here’s a nice three column modern artistic Blogger template with some nice bells and whistles. It has a cool search box and “About You” section with a red/orange background along with a custom date/time stamp for each post. This template is only the second one ever to include javascript tabs within the sidebar. That means […]

  • “What Blogger Template Should I Make Next?” Contest

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    I get tons of emails and comments from people asking me to convert all sorts of different templates but unfortunately I can’t fulfill everyone’s request. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of really cool WordPress and open source .css templates available on the web but it’s sometimes difficult to decide which Blogger templates will […]

  • Aspire

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    Medieval, parchment, and scroll blogger templates seem to be very popular these days so we’ve taken the liberty to find another great one called Aspire. This three-column Blogger template comes dressed up with all the goodies a knight of the round table would want for his blog. You get a search box, recent posts and […]

  • Nature’s Charm

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    This nice Autumn flower Blogger template is quite pretty as well as functional. The header image contains a nice picture of flowers (Sunflower, etc) so you can use it for a florist theme or any other creative blog you can think of. It’s a two column template with header tabs and all the great page […]

  • Daya Earth

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    This rounded style template with a nice header image of earth from space is called Daya Earth. It’s originally based off the Rounders Blogger template but evolved into this earth version. It’s got 3 columns so plenty of room to put your page elements or advertisements. Original design by Abdul Munir but the modified header […]

  • Enlight

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    Here’s another beautiful web 2.0 Blogger template. It’s fluid width which means when you maximize your browser window, it stretches the entire screen. Besides your standard right side page element area, this template has header links as well. You’ll need to edit the .xml template code to change them though which is easy to do. […]

  • Curved

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    If you like the new rounded web 2.0 look, you’ll love this template. The aqua blue tabs and frame complement the black striped header background and white post and right column area. This Blogger template was originally in Spanish but I translated it for you. Don’t worry, it wasn’t too much work since only a […]

  • Styleicious

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    Styleicious is a cool web 2.0 style Blogger template with tabs across the top right. The header is a soft aqua blue and the body contains 2 or 3 column, a nice footer where you can put your post archives, and a search box to boot. To change the tab urls and names you need […]

  • Parchment

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    Are you a fan of Shrek or the Medieval Times? If so, then this is the perfect Blogger template for you! Write your posts on official parchment paper and let the king read it every day. Peasants are welcome to read your blog as well but are known to gossip amongst themselves after receiving the […]