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  • Rainbow Garden

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    This nature garden theme is beautiful and perfect for any blog. It’s got colorful flowers draping down the header on each side with shades of green in the background. 3 column rainbow garden vector theme. Beautiful and elegant theme for your blog.

  • Hot Orange T

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    If you like artistic style WordPress themes, then this new Hot Orange T template will suit your fancy. It’s the third theme submitted and approved by Saroyama and I really like his style. The header is multi-colored with shades of black, orange, pink, white, and red. It also has what looks like floral artwork topped […]

  • R-Black Web

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    Introducing a new cool black, red, and white colored WordPress theme. The header is a nice arrangement of splotches, starbursts, butterflies, and a red flower. This template also comes with a separate editable header file so you can customize it even more to your liking. It’s been tested on: IE7, IE6, FireFox 2, Opera, Safari […]

  • Nature’s Charm

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    This nice Autumn flower Blogger template is quite pretty as well as functional. The header image contains a nice picture of flowers (Sunflower, etc) so you can use it for a florist theme or any other creative blog you can think of. It’s a two column template with header tabs and all the great page […]

  • Blue Hawaii

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    Surf’s up dude! This way cool Blue Hawaiian Blogger template is simple yet appealing for bloggers of all ages. It’s 3 columns with the main posting area to the left. Plenty of room for AdSense or other plugins you wish to add. You also get the nice orange Hawaiian flowers positioned on the left of […]

  • Orange Flower

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    These orange flowers placed on a black background bring out the style in this Blogger template. The left side bar is another shade of orange which compliments the rest of the theme. This template is designed by J. Aghili who blogs over at finalsense.com