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  • One

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    The “One Theme” premium WordPress series comes with a sweet set of features and a nice array of colors to choose from. I really like the tight layout and animated drop down menu items. The design is not too heavy and makes a nice use of all the space. If you’re not an Obama fan […]

  • Omni

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    The Omni theme series is the latest set of premium WordPress themes to hit the market. It’s the first premium template done by Bryan and he’s done a really great job. The theme is very well laid out and comes with all the web 2.0 features. The Omni series of themes includes four different themes. […]

  • I love the premium themes that Adii and Magnus have been creating and “Fresh News” is the latest addition to their collection. They really have established themselves as the premium WordPress design leaders and rightfully so. The Fresh News them comes with six different built-in color schemes which can be easily changed from within WordPress. […]

  • Live Wire 2.0 is the third of three theme belonging to the Live Wire Premium WordPress series. This one is quite different as far as the color scheme goes compared to the Live Wire Style and Live Wire Edition themes. The main different is the Live Wire 2.0 theme has actual background colors like aqua […]

  • This is the second premium WordPress theme in the Live Wire series and it’s called Live Wire Edition. This one also comes in four different colors green, blue, purple, and red. It’s color scheme is slightly different than the Live Wire Style theme as it uses green instead of orange and the colors are shaded […]

  • Introducing the latest and greatest premium WordPress theme series from Adii. Live Wire Style is just one of three included in this release and also comes in a total of four colors. You get red, orange, blue, and purple. This theme is very unique and can be used for any sort of blog or website. […]

  • Simplicity 1.0

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    Simplicity 1.0 + Widgets is a 3-column, widget-ready WordPress theme. It’s built to work with WordPress versions 2.2 and above. It comes with the new popular top sidebar ad spot for either one 250 x 250 banner ad or four 125 x125 button ads. It also has room in one of the columns for a […]

  • Here’s the original Premium Newspaper Theme (PNT) that started off this collection of professional magazine-style themes by Adii. You can tell just by looking at this beauty that your blog will rise to a new level once you buy and install this theme. The high quality craftsmanship of the design and underlying code will provide […]

  • Here’s another high quality Premium WordPress theme that’s shaking up the blogging world. This clean, professional, magazine-style theme will take your blog to a new level by providing you a solid design base and a ton of exceptional features. It’s also setup to run several different banner ads so you can make additional money from […]