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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the purpose of this site?

The vision of the founder was to provide an online space where bloggers could gather to share and collaborate their information. Designers need a place to publish and market their templates/themes. Developers need an audience to share ideas and test their plugins before GA. Online Marketing experts need a place to share and market their ideas. It’s an open source blogging community where you can get the free tools and resources you need to run a successful blog. Everything comes together at eBlogTemplates.com.

Why did the founder want to start such a site?

David Cowgill is an avid blogger and understands how important and powerful online communities can be. He also loves the technology behind it and believes “if you build it, they will come”. Of course it’s not that simple but with his wide range of knowledge and a detailed understanding of what bloggers need, he feels this site fits a niche badly needed today for bloggers. Blogs are an amazing medium for anyone (technical or not) to publish their content and share with the rest of the world. Bloggers need a central hub like eBlogTemplates.com to help them succeed.

What happens if a template I downloaded from our site messes up my blog?

By downloading a Blogger template or WordPress theme from our site, you understand that there is no warranty and eBlog Templates is not responsible for any adverse effects it may have on your blog. It is your responsibility to backup your existing Blogger template and widgets before applying a new template or WordPress theme. The templates and themes available on this site are created by a variety of different people and each experience may vary. If something does happen and you post a comment within the template download page, we will do our best to help you resolve your issue. We don’t like to leave our customers unsupported.

Why should I download templates from your site and not another site?

Good question. These days there are literally dozens of Blogger and WordPress template sites out there to download from. The problem is most of these sites just link directly to the original designers site and don’t actually test the blog templates. Many times these links are broken or the images inside these templates don’t work which makes it a waste of time for you to download and install before finding out.

What makes eBlog Templates so special is the quality of our templates as well as the testing we do prior to hosting a blog template on our site. This is especially important for Blogger templates since the images have to be hosted somewhere else. So what we do is actually take each template and install it on our own Blogger/Blogspot account just to make sure it actually works. Believe it or not, there have been numerous cases where it didn’t and we had to either abandon the template or modify it so it worked properly. We don’t want to give you templates that don’t work!

Not only that but if we aren’t comfortable with where the template images are hosted (sometimes on sites like googlepages that have a bandwidth limit or someone’s personal website) we actually copy the images to our own Photobucket Pro account. Photobucket is an image hosting site and with our Pro account, we’ve got unlimited bandwidth which means your template images will always be there!

We actually care about our visitors and what their download and install experience is like. That’s why we stand out from the competition. Besides, why go anywhere else when all the best quality free Blogger and WordPress templates are all in one location?