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  • Boat

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    Here’s a nice calm theme targeted for those looking for an ocean or beach WordPress theme. It features a small boat on the beach with the ocean and sun setting in the background. It’s got two columns and could be used for a vacation blog, beach house blog, or any other variation you can think […]

  • Business

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    Business is a new premium WordPress theme from premiumthemes.net. It’s slightly different than most of the other template by this author which makes it a unique one. At only $39, it’s a great template to buy if you’re on a budget since most premium WordPress themes cost you closer to $100. For more detailed information, […]

  • Organic Ice Remixed

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    Here’s a nice theme called Organic Ice Remixed. It features two columns with a shaded green color scheme. The header includes a floral ivy background and there’s also a custom top section where you can include your own message. Organic remixed theme. Web 2.0 style with a nice pop art and vector art flare to […]

  • Beach Travel

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    It’s another soothing summer afternoon and you’re sitting at the beach working on your tan. Then you wake up. If you’re caught having relaxing beach daydreams all the time then you’ll probably feel better after using this Beach Travel WordPress theme. The header image includes a turquoise ocean beach and the color scheme matches well. […]

  • Refresh

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    If the colors of Digg suit your fancy, then I’ve got a new Blogger template for you. It’s called Refresh which is a subtle two column template with some nice features. First off, you get the dynamic header tabs built in so just edit the “top tabs” widget and your tabs will appear. The original […]

  • SFDC Blogger

    (Downloads: -) | Posted in: Blogger Templates | By:

    Here’s a nice simple 2 column web 2.0 template with header tabs and sidebar modules. It also includes a custom rss sidebar button, recent posts and comments widgets, search box, and a link widget. All images are hosted using our Photobucket Pro account so just download this Blogspot template and get to work. The original […]

  • Quirky Valentine

    (Downloads: -) | Posted in: Blogger Templates | By:

    In honor of Valentine’s Day, eBlog Templates is releasing a heart-themed Blogger template called Quirky Valentine. It’s got a very pink and white look and comes with the standard template widgets. The header you see in the screenshot is only an example since you’ll need to edit and add your own text. The font used […]

  • Divalicious

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    This cool modern web 2.0 template features a stunning girl in the header. It’s a 2 column theme with soothing gray colors and rounded corners to suit the web 2.0 standards. There’s also a custom made RSS icon especially for this theme which is already wired up for your feed. In order to get the […]

  • Advertising

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    This simple blue template is perfect for any type of site. It’s a fixed width center template with a left sidebar. the sidebar contains page elements like “recent posts”, “recent comments”, and more. There’s no header image and just a blue background so call it whatever you like. To make the recent posts and recent […]

  • Pizza

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    Don’t let this pizza header fool you. This template is full of nice features and you can just change the header image to create whatever theme you want. But of course, if your blog is about pizza or Italian food, then there’s no need to change the header image. The sidebar lists your most recent […]

  • Daya Earth

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    This rounded style template with a nice header image of earth from space is called Daya Earth. It’s originally based off the Rounders Blogger template but evolved into this earth version. It’s got 3 columns so plenty of room to put your page elements or advertisements. Original design by Abdul Munir but the modified header […]


    (Downloads: -) | Posted in: Blogger Templates | By:

    I’m excited to announce that sIMPRESS 2.0 for Blogger is now available. This is a nice web 2.0 Blogger template with several cool features. First off, it’s got tabs across the top so you can customize and add new ones as you please. Next, it’s a fluid width template which means it stretches when you […]