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"ocean" Tagged Pages

  • Boat

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    Here’s a nice calm theme targeted for those looking for an ocean or beach WordPress theme. It features a small boat on the beach with the ocean and sun setting in the background. It’s got two columns and could be used for a vacation blog, beach house blog, or any other variation you can think […]

  • Fresh Media

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    This very refreshing WordPress theme makes me feel like I’m at the beach sipping on a fruity drink. It’s got a nice tropical blue header with a branch covered with leaves and some water droplets. It’s a slick and simple theme When you take a look at the theme, you can immediately see it is […]

  • Beach Travel

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    It’s another soothing summer afternoon and you’re sitting at the beach working on your tan. Then you wake up. If you’re caught having relaxing beach daydreams all the time then you’ll probably feel better after using this Beach Travel WordPress theme. The header image includes a turquoise ocean beach and the color scheme matches well. […]

  • Ocean Dancer

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    The Ocean Dancer is a free xml template for Blogger. This template consists of one menu bar, a 474px width box for blog post (so it is suitable for your 468 x 60 ad), a two column sidebar plus one single sidebar column which is capable to load three 125px width images. You can put […]

  • Harbor

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    This soft ocean-style template has a top left header background image of a lighthouse with a footer image of some ocean rocks. The left hand side is where you can add new page elements and it’s AdSense-ready. Template design is by Douglas Bowman and converted into this Bloger template by Blog Crowds.