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"Orange" Tagged Pages

  • Orange Flower

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    These orange flowers placed on a black background bring out the style in this Blogger template. The left side bar is another shade of orange which compliments the rest of the theme. This template is designed by J. Aghili who blogs over at finalsense.com

  • Aquaria

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    If you like fish and aquariums, then this template is for you. The header image contains several fish and the orange logo on the left can easily be customized. The text is just overlaid so change the text and you’ve got a new custom image. You can also add widgets, links, texts and AdSense in […]

  • SoSuechtig Blue

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    This template was originally a WordPress theme designed by SoSuechtig (hence the template name). It’s a nice three column template with a web 2.0 glossy look and bright green, orange, and blue colors. There’s tons of space for ads, photos, or any other type of widgets you want to add. This new Blogger template also […]

  • Wicked Lemon

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    Wicked Lemon comes with not one but two cool effects! First is the Docking sidebar. You can click and drag the different sidebar items and dock them anywhere on the sidebar. The second effect is the coolest one to checkout. How many times do you find yourself switching and modifying the color patterns to suit […]

  • Desert Sunrise

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    This template is fluid width and designed for 1024×768 and wider screen resolutions. It will expand in width to fit the width of your screen. This template will NOT work in “classic” Blogger mode. This theme features an easy to edit navigation bar in the heading, 3 full columns, a built in RSS Feed and […]