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  • Adsense Ready #4

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    This is a made for Google Adsense template with several nicely laid out ad spots. The header theme is kind of a make money theme but you can of course update the template however you like.

  • Sky3c

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    This beautiful WordPress sky theme is a great addition to your WordPress theme library. If the mood is right, you can activate it and show off your sky. 🙂

  • Silver Blue

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    This simple and basic theme is ready for you to spruce up. It needs some color or a new header to liven it up! Comes with a built in search box.

  • Several

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    This theme has a nice large header area where you can display your recent posts and comments. Both plugins are needed in order for that to work properly, however. Enjoy this nicely laid out red and white theme!

  • Neoclassical

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    How does your language look right now? Are you communicating as effectively as possible, or have poor typography and visual clutter got you down? Solve those problems and free your content with the Neoclassical Theme for WordPress, a simple and elegant template system that offers classical styling, rich typography, and huge random header images.

  • Cutline

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    Take your Web site to the next level with the Cutline Theme for WordPress. Whether you’re an ambitious soul with aspirations of becoming a publishing powerhouse or you simply want an elegant home on the Web, your journey starts with Cutline. Today, you can put an end to boring default styling and step into a […]

  • Code Red

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    Alert! Alert! This is Code Red. Take this template and download it now otherwise this site will self-destruct. Just kidding. This is a two column XML layout designed for use with the newest version of Blogger. It’s a fixed width and will fit perfectly on an 800×600 screen size and also works on wider screens […]

  • Squible

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    Squible is a nice theme that has some plugins already built in. Other neat features include an advanced layout, support for multiple plugins, the ability for registered users to add tags, livesearch, ajax commenting and an archives page with support for extended live archives. The theme was built pre 2.3+ WordPress but requires 2.0 or […]

  • Magicland

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    Introducing the Magicland WordPress theme. Experience the wonderful and magical world this theme provides with colors of blue, green, and tan. Turn your blog into a fantasy destination! Features include: Fixed width 940px Widget ready 3 column layout Bonus 3-column bottom menu Image gravatar ready Tested in browsers IE, Opera, Safari and Firefox

  • Copyblogger

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    With the Copyblogger Theme for WordPress, you’ll be able to modify colors, fonts, and even the tiniest details by utilizing the custom stylesheet solution that is included with the theme download.Also, thanks to the wonders of open source development, you can take advantage of add-on styles that others release for use with the Copyblogger Theme. […]