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Free Blogger Training Videos

blogger-video-tutorialsUsing Blogger can be confusing especially with the limited documentation available by Google. If you’re like me, you prefer visual tutorials vs the traditional documentation method which makes learning more enjoyable and interactive.

There’s a website called Recognized Expert which provides over 7 hours of free Blogger training videos covering the basics and also some more advanced techniques. It’s a very helpful way for those of you who are beginners looking to better understand how Blogger works.

The content is created by two brothers by the names of Bob and Josh Sommers who do a great job explaining Blogger step-by-step. I highly recommend you checking out their collection of videos as I’m sure you’ll learn something new just by watching a couple of them. Here’s the high-level list of the videos available on their site:

  • Getting Started with Blogger
  • Navigating Blogger
  • Text and Links
  • Uploading Images to Blogger
  • Video In Blogger
  • Post Options
  • Managing Posts
  • Page Elements
  • Post Options
  • Gmail Account
  • Uploading Audio
  • Working With Your Template
  • Blog Settings – Basic
  • Blog Settings – Publishing
  • Blog Settings – Formatting
  • Blog Settings – Comments
  • Blog Settings – Archiving
  • Blog Settings – Site Feed
  • Blog Settings – Email
  • Blog Settings – Permissions
  • Google Gadgets
  • Slideshows
  • Credit Cards and PayPal
  • Converting Your Blog Into A Website

Let me know what you think and if these videos are helpful for Bloggers of all levels. It’s really great of the Sommers brothers to provide all this content for free! Watch the videos now.

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