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"3 column" Tagged Pages

  • Big Blue

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    No, we’re not talking the about IBM, the largest software company in the world. Big Blue is a 3-columns and Widget-ready theme. Simple theme and suitable for any blog content. Main content with 500px, left sidebar 200px and right sidebar 230px sizes.

  • Black and White

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    No, not the Michael Jackson song silly. This is Black and White — a 3 columns WordPress theme. Simple, clean and easy for you to modify. Suitable for any blog content such as a review blog, make money blog, personal blog, photo blog and more. Black and White theme based on my current theme right […]

  • Red Line

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    Red Line is a 3 columns and widget ready WordPress theme. Main color is red and white. Fixed width with left sidebar, content and right sidebar. Simple, clean and easy you to modify. Logo.psd included (mages folder)

  • Rhea

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    This is a Widget ready, Three-column theme with soft colors and rounded edges. We have made a special provision for you to add a Lightbox image gallery to the sidebars. You can download the Nextgen Gallery plugin and then go to the widgets section to add it to your sidebar.

  • Xplosive

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    KABOOM! Yes?? I have named this new theme as Xplosive and it will surely blow you away! It is a fully XHTML complaint, Web 2.0 theme meant for modern bloggers. If you are a blogger who likes to go with the times, this is for you!! Xplosive has two sidebars (both on the right side […]

  • Limit

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    Limit is a simplistic, light-weighted (only 36Kb), XHTML compliant theme with soft colors and is suitable for any kind of blogger. The theme has three columns including two sidebars on the right side.

  • Xplosive Reloaded

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    After the success of my Xplosive WordPress theme, I am launching the new and revised version of Xplosive. The theme is called Xplosive Reloaded and it lets you choose between four flavors – Satin, Autumn, Aqua & Prairie using a style switcher. It has three columns, is widget ready and fully XHTML validated.

  • Identity

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    To mark the year end, I am launching this brand new WordPress theme called Identity. This is a modern, 3-column, Widget ready, fully validated theme with black & white colors. I am sure this theme will suit most of the modern age bloggers. It is a fixed-width theme having good amount of space for blogging.

  • The Morning After

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    Without a doubt, this is by far the best free WordPress theme I’ve yet to come across. Created by Arun Kale, the theme was developed based on a user survey about the features needed in a magazine like WordPress theme. It’s very powerful and setup like a newspaper or magazine. This theme requires some work […]

  • Garland

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    Garland template by Steven Wittens modified to Blogger Template by Blogcrowds. This is a soft blue and white shaded template that could be used for most any sort of blog site.

  • Grid Focus

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    WordPress Grid Focus is a three column WordPress theme created and distributed free of any dependence of WordPress plugins. Convenient navigation bars can be found at the top and bottom of pages in order to provide your visitors with ample opportunity to continue exploring. Category archives are presented via a JavaScript shelf which can be […]

  • This design has proved to be really popular in the WordPress community and rightfully so. It’s got a very cool three column layout with many tabs and built in features like Flickr and a photo randomizer so you can have a different picture load each time your page refreshes. The theme is suitably labelled WP-Polaroid¬Ě […]