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  • Hello Wiki

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    Originally created by a designer by the name of Fen, this template was for WordPress. Blog Crowds was kind enough to port it over to Blogger xml format so you can use it on your Blogger site.

  • Grid Focus

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    WordPress Grid Focus is a three column WordPress theme created and distributed free of any dependence of WordPress plugins. Convenient navigation bars can be found at the top and bottom of pages in order to provide your visitors with ample opportunity to continue exploring. Category archives are presented via a JavaScript shelf which can be […]

  • This design has proved to be really popular in the WordPress community and rightfully so. It’s got a very cool three column layout with many tabs and built in features like Flickr and a photo randomizer so you can have a different picture load each time your page refreshes. The theme is suitably labelled WP-Polaroid […]

  • Adsense Ready #4

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    This is a made for Google Adsense template with several nicely laid out ad spots. The header theme is kind of a make money theme but you can of course update the template however you like.

  • The Journey

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    Ready to take a walk down the beach with a few of your friends? This theme is a calm one which can be used for just about any site. It seems to be designed more as a personal blog theme but feel free to use your imagination!

  • Tiger Lily

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    Tiger Lilies are a wildflower commonly found in ditches around a wide area of America. Great huh. Well, did you know that Tiger Lilies have medical uses too? They actually relieve congestion, and the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. These are all great reasons to use this template on your blog. 🙂 This is a […]

  • Borders

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    This is a two column XML layout designed for use with the newest version of Blogger. It?s a fixed width and will fit perfectly on an 800×600 screen size and also works on wider screens as well. It has a permanent RSS Feed link in the heading. To install just download the .zip file and […]