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  • Softlight

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    This may not be a web 2.0 three column Blogger template but it sure seems like one. It’s actually only two columns but it’s very clean and well laid out. It’s got dynamic tabs which are setup using your Blogger layout screen. Just edit the “top tabs” widget and enter all the tabs you want. […]

  • SummerFruit

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    This stylish red, white, and black template was originally created by Carl Mason for WordPress and called SummerFruit but has been ported over to a Blogger template. The Blogger template name is called “Red White Web 2.0” which you’ll notice when you download the .zip. Regardless of the name, this template is pretty cool. Unlike […]

  • Glossy Blue

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    Glossy Blue template for the new xml Blogger is very nice and functional. It’s got tabs across the top which are dynamically created from a link list. You just enter the tabs and urls you want and they automatically appear. No need to fiddle with the xml code! The sidebar also has recent posts and […]