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XLover Theme

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This web 2.0 WordPress theme is a great red color theme fit for any blog. It’s got the new popular three column footer and rounded sidebar and main section red headers which make it “web 2.0”.

The original designer named it xlover because he was releasing it on valentines day but was late. He still released it in February so he kept the name as is. It is widget ready, adsense ready, and fit for any blog.

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One Response to “XLover”

Di on Dec 10, 2008, 1:33 pm  

Mean bastard am I, I paid 5 times what you asked and I could have got away with nothing.

You have one thing in your favour. You do nice sites and lets be honest – we all do a lot for nothing in this business yet the bricks and mortar brigade think we are a load of shisters. I think the next few years may make them think again.

Thank you for your professional template and also for reminding us all that everything costs someone something – cheers, if we ever meet I drink a good single Scotch Malt – a woman’s drink.

The Fool on the Hill, Aynac, France