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5 Steps to Start Successful Blogging

Though my own experience in blogging and talking to people, I realized that there are too many people out there that say they want to get started with a blog… but they never get down to doing it!

Today I share with you the first 7 steps to take, to get started blogging!

1. Pick a topic

Remember that in order to have a successful blog, you need to have a good readership. People like to read blogs that are focused, on one single topic. Pick a topic you are interested to share with people about. Is it tennis or golf or hockey, or computer tips, or creativity or stress management? Decide on one. Just one.

2. Get started with Blogger

The next step is to quickly get started with the blog already! Getting started with the blog is the simplest step! Just head on to Blogger.com, and follow the steps. You can get started in less than 10 minutes! Do your best to pick a URL that is consistent with your blog topic. For example, if you are talking about stress management, you might want to try https://stress-management.blogspot.com, or something similar.

3. Start your first few posts

Start writing a post a day, don’t worry about marketing your blog yet. Really, explore different writing styles, try writing at different times of the day. Make sure your blog is at least a week old with at least 5 – 10 posts before you start to decide to market your blog. Many blogs don’t even get past this stage.

4. Market your blog

When you have more or less got comfortable with writing on your blog, then its time to market your blog. This way, when the visitors come, at least they have a short archive to read rather than one pathetic post! You can market your blog in different ways, and the best way I’ve found is to go around finding blogs in the same topic and start posting your valuable comments on their posts! Strive to add value, don’t spam.

5. Keep updating

Keep updating your blog on a regular basis, respond to comments. As you start to write, you will start to write better, and slowly you will start to create a writing personality. At the same time, keep up with the marketing, keep surfing around for blogs and commenting. Also observe how people craft their posts, and do your best to write better posts that would entice comments. Soon, you will find reader coming back everyday for updates!

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4 Responses to “5 Steps to Start Successful Blogging”

Allison on Jan 5, 2008, 3:29 am  

I like your list. I’d also add to #7 that you need to stick with it for many months. Lots of people get frustrated and quit blogging after a couple months because they get little or no visitors.

It takes time for search engines and people to find your blog. If you’re passionate enough about your subject, then it won’t be too painful to have to wait because you love what you’re writing about! Alli

Ilyas Kazi on Mar 19, 2008, 2:47 am  

Nice steps to follow. I am inspired.

I also thanks Allison for adding comment #7 for the tip to stick with it…

Ilyas Kazi

Debdeb on May 2, 2008, 7:05 am  

Uh, is it just me or did I not see #6 or #7? ❓

Fara on Apr 27, 2009, 10:02 pm  

very nice tips for a new bie… i like the part where u asked to put posts and then market… my mind never went this way that people would get bored by reading just one post and may not want to come again to my blog

thank you for sharing 🙂