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Name: Kian Ann Tan
Website: http://www.emarketinglifestyle.com

Profile: Tan Kian Ann is an advocate and mentor for creating sustainable home based eMarketing businesses. To claim your free eCourse worth $147 on how to get create a sustainable eMarketing business, and live the "money rolling in while you sleep" lifestyle, check out Kian Ann's eMarketing Lifestyle project at his website.


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    Do Your Blog Entries Have Zero Comments? Find Out Why

    WordPress Articles |

    Blogs can be thought about from different perspectives. While the history of blogs reveal that they are meant to be online journals where people vent their daily frustrations and feelings, today’s blogs are becoming the mainstream media for the most updated news for any topic in the world. A good blog, however, requires good consistent […]

    WordPress – The Ultimate Blogging Platform

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    WordPress is one of the leading blog platforms in the Internet today, and based on a search on Google trends, the number of searches with the word WordPress has at least tripled today, since the end of the year 2004. Having really tried and fiddled around with WordPress system, I must say that WordPress is […]

    5 Steps to Start Successful Blogging

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    Though my own experience in blogging and talking to people, I realized that there are too many people out there that say they want to get started with a blog… but they never get down to doing it! Today I share with you the first 7 steps to take, to get started blogging! 1. Pick […]

    Get Your WordPress Blog To Rank Well In Google With SEO

    WordPress Articles |

    Because of the way blogs are structures and how they work, sometimes, it can be said that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for blogs is one step further than websites. While most of these techniques eventually also require a some tweaking, blogs need to be tweaked from a systems perspective – one single change to the […]