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WordPress – The Ultimate Blogging Platform

WordPress is one of the leading blog platforms in the Internet today, and based on a search on Google trends, the number of searches with the word WordPress has at least tripled today, since the end of the year 2004.

Having really tried and fiddled around with WordPress system, I must say that WordPress is indeed a very powerful system to put your blog on. Unfortunately however, the system does take time to get used to.

WordPress comes in two versions. The first one is provided by WordPress.com, which is the hosted version. The second version provided by WordPress.org, and usually in order to use this version of WordPress, you will need to have your own domain name, and web hosting space.

Blogging at WordPress.com

Using the version provided by WordPress.com, you will be given a subdomain URL, like https://blogopreneur.wordpress.com. While this still sounds nice, it is definitely more professional and stylish to tell people that your blog is at “blogopreneur dot com” rather than “blogopreneur dot wordpress dot com”. WordPress.com does, however, provide domain mapping services, meaning you can go and grab a domain and the redirect it to the WordPress blog. This comes with a fee, of USD$10.

The default and free configuration of the blog at WordPress.com comes with 50 megabytes of space, and allows you to select a template from the list provided. For some templates, you can further customize them using your own header images and colors. However, in order for you to take control over the CSS that goes behind the blog, of get more webspace, you will need to pay a fee.

Blogging using WordPress.org

The version of WordPress provided at WordPress.org is the more powerful version, and is the platform used by many A-List bloggers in the blogosphere today.

To set up this version of WordPress, you will need to download the system from WordPress.org, extract the file contents, upload, and install it on your own domain and hosting. For total Internet starters, this process may prove to be quite a roadblock, but as you get used to using FTP and using your hosting administration panel, setting up a WordPress.org blog is a five minute job.

As mentioned, this version of WordPress is extremely powerful.

Firstly it allows you to have full control over your templates – from the CSS to the individual pages that make up your blog. You can even have a different page look and feel for each category you use!

Secondly, it allows you add on functionality to the system by using WordPress plugins! With a simple search on Google for “WordPress Plugins”, you will realize that there are millions of plugins available for free for you to use. Plugins are extremely powerful – allowing you to add functionality to your blog like social bookmarking icons, subscription to your blog comments, and specifying a different front page for the blog.

With 70 million blogs as reported by the Technorati state of the blogosphere report in April 2007, every Internet entrepreneur must learn how to blog, and if you want to blog, you simply have to use a powerful blogging system with unlimited functionality – WordPress!

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