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How Many Blogs Do You Have?

how many jelly beansIn my mind there are three main types of bloggers in the world. The first being a person who wants a simple web page to keep an online diary or personal journal. The second being a business person needing an online presence whose not technical nor wanting to spend a lot of money to design a custom site. And the third and most popular being those looking to try and make money online. My guess is the majority of eBlog Templates readers belong to group number three.

With the ease of setting up a new free blog via Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, Vox, or one of the many others out there, we’re seeing more and more “make money online” blogs and why not? It’s easy to setup and place Google AdSense ads or affiliate banners on your blog or even create eBay affiliate sites and duplicate the process over and over.

Assuming you follow the general blogging rules (unique content, etc) and don’t get banned from Google, you can easily succeed in having dozens if not hundreds of blogs out there. My question is how do you update them all making sure the content is continually fresh and interesting? Do you hire writers to help you post? Are you scraping content from other sites with an automated script? Maybe you’re creating the sites but not updating the content.

So from my experience let me tell you a bit about us. eBlog Templates actually belongs to Niche Blog Media which has over a dozen (and growing) different niche blogs in it’s network. Having to manage all those sites is actually quite tough and the biggest problem we have is lack and frequency of new content. We hire some writers to post daily but it’s honestly tough to find additional people who are looking just to blog.

We’ve posted contracts on eLance but those who responded were asking $20/post for original content. That’s just too much for each blog post. They are of course good writers with original content but there’s a gap not being filled right now. Writers are used to writing sales letters or longer documents which is not the same as blogging really. Blogs need 300-500 word posts on a daily basis but those types of posts don’t pay very much. Who is going to fill this gap and why hasn’t somebody already stepped up?

Having said that, it takes time and patience to build, foster, and grow your blog network. There’s a lot of competition out there and it’s only going to get more difficult.

So since I’ve shared my experiences with you, I’d like to hear how many blogs you have and what’s your ultimate goal? Make money? Create inbound links for SEO? Is it working?

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51 Responses to “How Many Blogs Do You Have?”

Lynda Hill on Jul 8, 2010, 9:50 am  

I have about 9 blogs ATM – 3 on my own domains and 6 in blogger, which I sorta use as feeder sites to the others.

I’ve heard that putting and RSS feed in keeps it ‘alive’, so that’s what I do.

Great places to get content are the article directories – copy/paste as long as you keep the BIOs intact. I use Ezinearticles, GoArticles and a few others.

Hope this is useful to you guys.