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WordPress Theme Info

Rainbow Feather Theme

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Rainbow Feather is a fluid one-column wordpress theme. As the name suggests the colours in this theme are rainbow-ish. From Blue, baby blue, to yellow, orange, white, blue gradient and pink, barbie pink to evil pink.

Features Include

  • Fancy web2.0 like headings (wet graphics)
  • Custom badges “read on” and “continue reading”
  • Matching color scheme/palette
  • Login area that shows logged in users (well it shows you and gives you options). This is only visible though if you have new user registration on.
  • Cool RSS-Feed graphic.

If you wonder where the comment number is indicated, look below the date.

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One Response to “Rainbow Feather”

Greenleaf on Jul 11, 2008, 7:23 pm  

🙂 Nice template..