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  • How to Install a Blogger XML Template

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    This article was written to provide a step-by-step guide on how to correctly apply a new xml Blogger template to your blog. This process can be tricky depending on several factors (quality of the code in the new template, your existing widgets, etc) so you need to be careful when changing your template. Don’t worry […]

  • Beautiful Day

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    This is a soft and bright two-column template. The header includes nice hearts, clouds and a soft background. It’s a great flexible Blogger template that comes with tabs which you can add/remove without touching the code! The tabs are created via a linklist widget so just go edit it within the Blogger page elements area.

  • Dirtylicious

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    A nicely designed black on white blogger template. Too bad it’s not ported over to the new xml template standard so you can keep your widgets intact. Regardless, it’s yours free to download thanks to a wonderful designer at Templates For Bloggers. (I’m not sure of his name otherwise I’d give him credit) Note: this […]

  • Gemstone

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    A lightweight black/blue design suitable for communities and web portals. Ported to Blogger by TemplatesForYou.

  • The Hobbit

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    The Hobbit is set in a time “between the dawn of Faerie and the Dominion of Men”, and follows the quest of home-loving Bilbo Baggins as he leaves his comedic-rustic village and moves into darker, deeper territory along with the thirteen dwarves and wizard Gandalf. He encounters various denizens of the Wilderland, in order to […]

  • One Column

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    This is a cute narrow one column red and white Blogger template. It’s got a nice footer which contains a bulk of the sections like search, about, previous posts, archives, etc. Template was produced by Geckoandfly.com.

  • Ratatouille Blogger

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    Besides being a popular Disney movie, did you know that the word Ratatouille comes from “touiller,” which means to toss food. Ratatouille originated in the area around present day Nice. It was originally a poor farmer’s dish, prepared in the summer with fresh summer vegetables. The original Ratatouille Ni├žoise did not contain eggplant (which would […]

  • Road To October

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    Take me out to the ball game….take me out to the crowd. This cool Blogger template gives you the feel of baseball on your blog. It’s got the pinstripes, baseball, and glove complimented with blue, red, and white colors. It’s the all American look ladies and gentlemen! So it’s 1–2–3 strikes you’re out at the […]

  • The Late Show

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    Welcome to the late show! No, I’m not talking about David Letterman or Jay Leno. Please, those guys are for the birds. j/k This template is a movie theme with a box of popcorn and a red gradient header image to lead the way. A nicely done template which could be used for a movie […]

  • Misty Look Blogger

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    Misty Look was designed and built by Sadish Bala for the WordPress platform. It has been ported over to Blogger by BlogCrowds. This template has a nice layout with tabs located at the top. The right hand sidebar makes a nice fit with the rest of the design.

  • Peaceful Rush

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    This template was originally designed by our favorite WordPress designer, small potato. His work is used all over the blogosphere and his designs are very well known. This is another one that BlogCrowds has taken and converted into a Blogger template. We at eBlog Templates have taken this template one step further. All images have […]

  • Ambiru

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    Ambiru was originally designed by Michael from Gecko & Fly and then revised by BlogCrowds. This is a narrow single column template with a Matrix-style greenish header image. The navigation is located across the top.