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  • Solipsus

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    This is a very uniquely designed Blogger template. It’s main colors are black, shades of brown, and blue. I’m not sure what the name Solipsus actually means but according to the template designer she was inspired by the wacky style of Adult Swim. She made sure to include the hanging head at the top of […]

  • Minyx

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    Minyx is a web 2.0 feature-rich Blogger template with a search box, rss feed icon and much more. It’s a great template (but requires some customization from you to work properly) for those looking for a web 2.0 style Blogger template. Update 1/29/08 – All images for this template are now hosted on our Photobucket […]

  • Underground

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    This is a lightweight, fixed width, 2 column Blogger template with a black and red color scheme which is very easy to customize and fast-loading. It also comes with some cool built in features like the “Add This” social bookmarking sharing widget for each post, and dynamic tab creation with a link list widget. In […]

  • Dfire

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    dFire is a dark but viewable theme vying for a slightly different style. It’s got a forest burning in the background of the header while the rest of the template is mostly black. Pretty cool if you dig this darker style look and more targeted for a personal blog. Just to let you know, all […]

  • Red Planet

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    Red Planet Blogger Template is a smooth template originally created by freecsstemplates.org and converted to this Blogger xml template by Jacky Supit. All the images are pre-hosted so just download the template and install it. This template requires at least one single widget so if you don’t already have an HTML/Javascript widget setup, you will […]

  • Mind Break

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    This Windows Vista-looking Blogger template comes in a nice shade of blue and green. It’s got a column on the right side with plenty of room for your page elements. The Mind Break theme is from ItsNature.org originally and now ported by Erica Akira into this new Blogger template.

  • She’s Got Style

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    This nice new template is fancy, fashionable, and femme. It was originally developed for WordPress by Grab a Theme and designed by Sweet Melancholy and now ported into new blogger beta version by Erica – TemplatesForYou. It’s got a fixed background image so if your blog will have many blog posts in main page, the […]

  • Summer Love

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    Summer love reminds me of Hawaii with it’s beautiful colors and flowers. The header image on the left side and other small icons are of a pink tropical flower. The background is a light ocean blue color and the sidebar is narrow and grey. Original design by Victoria Wang and converted to Blogger by Blog […]

  • Balloon

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    The Balloon template starts off with a nice red header with a balloon-styled image on the right. It’s a soft Blogger template with plenty of room on the right side to add more page elements. Originally designed by J. Maloney and converted by Blog Crowds.

  • Shlyapa

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    I believe this Shlyapa Blogger template was based off a Russian movie series originally called Shlyapa Volshebnika. It was a series of three films produced from 1980 to 1983 in the U.S.S.R. based on the book Finn Family Moomintroll, which was one of the Moomin books by Finn Tove Jansson. It was a cutout animation […]

  • Blogger bX Errors – How to Fix Them

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    Any of you who have tried to change Blogger templates or moved around your blog’s page elements have probably seen the dreaded Blogger “bX-xxxxxx” cryptic error message. “We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your request. When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please: Describe what you were […]

  • Dark

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    Dark is a cool blogger template with a right side column. The column headers have a web 2.0 look and a torn bottom edge. The header image is a mystic marble look with and can be easily replaced. Template has been converted by Blog Crowds.