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"Blue" Tagged Pages

  • Enlight

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    Here’s another beautiful web 2.0 Blogger template. It’s fluid width which means when you maximize your browser window, it stretches the entire screen. Besides your standard right side page element area, this template has header links as well. You’ll need to edit the .xml template code to change them though which is easy to do. […]

  • Curved

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    If you like the new rounded web 2.0 look, you’ll love this template. The aqua blue tabs and frame complement the black striped header background and white post and right column area. This Blogger template was originally in Spanish but I translated it for you. Don’t worry, it wasn’t too much work since only a […]

  • 1024px

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    Classic, simple, and blue. Those are the three best words to describe this 1024px Blogger template. It’s actually been around for a while but was recently converted into the new format so you can add page elements with ease. Surprisingly, there’s only one image used in this entire template. It’s a faded line which we […]

  • Blue Hawaii

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    Surf’s up dude! This way cool Blue Hawaiian Blogger template is simple yet appealing for bloggers of all ages. It’s 3 columns with the main posting area to the left. Plenty of room for AdSense or other plugins you wish to add. You also get the nice orange Hawaiian flowers positioned on the left of […]

  • Harbor

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    This soft ocean-style template has a top left header background image of a lighthouse with a footer image of some ocean rocks. The left hand side is where you can add new page elements and it’s AdSense-ready. Template design is by Douglas Bowman and converted into this Bloger template by Blog Crowds.

  • Andreas02

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    Tabs and more tabs. This Blogger template comes with two sets of tabs to add all the pages or links you want. Of course you can remove the default tabs or update the current ones to something more appropriate to your blog. It also comes with a header image of a fast moving road which […]

  • Blogy Web 2.0

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    Blogy is a great and functional Web 2.0 Blogger template. It’s got two right sidebars so you can easily add Google Adsense or another advertisement block. It also has a cool mouse over tab function which is pretty uncommon for Blogger templates. You’ll need to go into the template code and edit a few areas […]

  • Aquaria

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    If you like fish and aquariums, then this template is for you. The header image contains several fish and the orange logo on the left can easily be customized. The text is just overlaid so change the text and you’ve got a new custom image. You can also add widgets, links, texts and AdSense in […]

  • SoSuechtig Blue

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    This template was originally a WordPress theme designed by SoSuechtig (hence the template name). It’s a nice three column template with a web 2.0 glossy look and bright green, orange, and blue colors. There’s tons of space for ads, photos, or any other type of widgets you want to add. This new Blogger template also […]

  • New Fangled

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    A colorful and very functional Blogger template with 3 columns and tabs built in along the top. It’s a nice green and blue colored template with a rounded header and page elements making this a Web 2.0 template. There’s a few things you need to do to properly setup this quality Blogger template. First thing […]

  • Softlight

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    This may not be a web 2.0 three column Blogger template but it sure seems like one. It’s actually only two columns but it’s very clean and well laid out. It’s got dynamic tabs which are setup using your Blogger layout screen. Just edit the “top tabs” widget and enter all the tabs you want. […]

  • Mush Blue

    (Downloads: ) | Posted in: WordPress Themes | By:

    This template is kind of a spacey or underwater scene with a cool blue amoeba-like header graphic. It’s been a very popular WordPress theme recently and now you can download it for your blog. Mushblue is 2 columns, widget ready, theme with a right sidebar. It was designed by MukkaMu. Looking for the xml Blogger […]