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  • K2

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    K2, A very popular and well known WordPress theme is now available as a Blogger template. It’s a simple and clean template with a rolling hills header image that can easily be changed. If you wish to replace the image look for the following line in the template code: https://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7994/1253/1600/K2.jpg Replace this with your new […]

  • Parchment

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    Are you a fan of Shrek or the Medieval Times? If so, then this is the perfect Blogger template for you! Write your posts on official parchment paper and let the king read it every day. Peasants are welcome to read your blog as well but are known to gossip amongst themselves after receiving the […]

  • Compute

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    If you’re like most golfers, you always carry your laptop while you play. Or not. This Blogger template header illustrates two men holding laptops while standing on the golf course. While computers are great, I don’t bring mine to the golf course. Now the good news is you can easily change the header image to […]

  • Sahara

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    Whether you’re at the beach or stuck in the Sahara desert, you’ll love this sandy Blogger template. The vacation is yours by just downloading and installing the template into your Blogger account. This template comes with page tabs where you can modify them and point to different places on your blog. This template was originally […]

  • Second Thing

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    A simple yet soothing design with a floral-type header image. This Blogger template is colored white and aqua with cool Italian column names. All images are hosted so just download the template and you’re ready to go! Originally designed by Kevin Keating but ported over to Blogger by Douglas Bowman.

  • Aquaria

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    If you like fish and aquariums, then this template is for you. The header image contains several fish and the orange logo on the left can easily be customized. The text is just overlaid so change the text and you’ve got a new custom image. You can also add widgets, links, texts and AdSense in […]

  • Retro Mac OS

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    Remember the old days when Apple computers used to look like this? Times have changed haven’t they? For the better I must say (at least when it comes to computers). Who ever would have guessed that Apple Mac’s would have come this far and led the way in computer design? Well, if you’re feeling like […]

  • Solipsus

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    This is a very uniquely designed Blogger template. It’s main colors are black, shades of brown, and blue. I’m not sure what the name Solipsus actually means but according to the template designer she was inspired by the wacky style of Adult Swim. She made sure to include the hanging head at the top of […]

  • Underground

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    This is a lightweight, fixed width, 2 column Blogger template with a black and red color scheme which is very easy to customize and fast-loading. It also comes with some cool built in features like the “Add This” social bookmarking sharing widget for each post, and dynamic tab creation with a link list widget. In […]

  • Dfire

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    dFire is a dark but viewable theme vying for a slightly different style. It’s got a forest burning in the background of the header while the rest of the template is mostly black. Pretty cool if you dig this darker style look and more targeted for a personal blog. Just to let you know, all […]

  • Red Planet

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    Red Planet Blogger Template is a smooth template originally created by freecsstemplates.org and converted to this Blogger xml template by Jacky Supit. All the images are pre-hosted so just download the template and install it. This template requires at least one single widget so if you don’t already have an HTML/Javascript widget setup, you will […]

  • Mush Blue

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    This template is kind of a spacey or underwater scene with a cool blue amoeba-like header graphic. It’s been a very popular WordPress theme recently and now you can download it for your blog. Mushblue is 2 columns, widget ready, theme with a right sidebar. It was designed by MukkaMu. Looking for the xml Blogger […]