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"Fixed width" Tagged Pages

  • iTheme

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    For all you Apple Mac lovers out there, here’s the WordPress theme you’ve been waiting for. The look and feel is just like that of a Mac OS so your blog can be just as familiar as your computer. Even if you don’t own a Mac, you’re still free to use this template as you […]

  • Home

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    This cool house template is great for anyone looking to add a real estate or home-type theme to their Blogger/Blogspot site. The header comes with with a beautiful shot of a single family home at night time and includes a nice set of tabs for navigation. Not only that but this baby comes equipt with […]

  • Nature’s Charm

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    This nice Autumn flower Blogger template is quite pretty as well as functional. The header image contains a nice picture of flowers (Sunflower, etc) so you can use it for a florist theme or any other creative blog you can think of. It’s a two column template with header tabs and all the great page […]

  • Tastelessly

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    I’d like to welcome this latest converted Blogger template to our family. Tastelessly is a really cool three-column new Blogger template with lots of built in features. The header image is a cool spider web with morning dew glistening in the light. Some of the features include: Header tabs Search box Recent posts page element […]

  • Advertising

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    This simple blue template is perfect for any type of site. It’s a fixed width center template with a left sidebar. the sidebar contains page elements like “recent posts”, “recent comments”, and more. There’s no header image and just a blue background so call it whatever you like. To make the recent posts and recent […]

  • Pizza

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    Don’t let this pizza header fool you. This template is full of nice features and you can just change the header image to create whatever theme you want. But of course, if your blog is about pizza or Italian food, then there’s no need to change the header image. The sidebar lists your most recent […]

  • Daya Earth

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    This rounded style template with a nice header image of earth from space is called Daya Earth. It’s originally based off the Rounders Blogger template but evolved into this earth version. It’s got 3 columns so plenty of room to put your page elements or advertisements. Original design by Abdul Munir but the modified header […]

  • WP-Polaroid Blogger

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    I’m very pleased to announce the release of WP-Polaroid for Blogger! This template is full of cool features and took me a long time to convert from the original WordPress theme (by Adii) so I hope you appreciate it. 🙂 This template is very popular with WordPress users and for good reason. It’s stylish, nicely […]

  • Curved

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    If you like the new rounded web 2.0 look, you’ll love this template. The aqua blue tabs and frame complement the black striped header background and white post and right column area. This Blogger template was originally in Spanish but I translated it for you. Don’t worry, it wasn’t too much work since only a […]

  • The Globe

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    This tan colored template starts off with a globe image in the header and has rounded modules throughout the body. It’s a web 2.0 looking Blogger template and easy to change the header image and colors within the code. There is also a subscribe feed module that you need to update if you want it […]

  • Blogy Rosa

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    This colorful template features a girl with wings jamming on a guitar while different colored stars shoot in from behind her. It’s certainly a powerful template designed more for girls. The purple and pink background gradient colors span the entire Blogger template and the sidebar and main section are white. The original designer was by […]

  • 1024px

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    Classic, simple, and blue. Those are the three best words to describe this 1024px Blogger template. It’s actually been around for a while but was recently converted into the new format so you can add page elements with ease. Surprisingly, there’s only one image used in this entire template. It’s a faded line which we […]