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"Fixed width" Tagged Pages

  • Flying Kiss

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    A pop-art inspired pink/magenta color free WordPress theme brought to you by Lauren Silva Group. With 2 columns, right sidebar, fixed width and fixed header. It’s also cool:)

  • Blue Grunge

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    Here’s another cool free WordPress theme called Blue Grunge. It’s exactly just that with a nice grungy header image colored in blue, black, and white. There’s a separate include file to customize the middle part of the theme which gives you some nice flexibility especially if you want to keep a sticky message on all […]

  • Dilectio

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    Here’s a nice three column modern artistic Blogger template with some nice bells and whistles. It has a cool search box and “About You” section with a red/orange background along with a custom date/time stamp for each post. This template is only the second one ever to include javascript tabs within the sidebar. That means […]

  • Ads Theme

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    If you’re looking for a new Blogger template, you came at the right time. Hands down, this is the best template we’ve converted here at eBlog Templates. It’s a wonderful web 2.0 popular blog layout with some great built in ad spots (hence the template name) and features. It’s either a two or 3 column […]

  • Hot Orange T

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    If you like artistic style WordPress themes, then this new Hot Orange T template will suit your fancy. It’s the third theme submitted and approved by Saroyama and I really like his style. The header is multi-colored with shades of black, orange, pink, white, and red. It also has what looks like floral artwork topped […]

  • Yellow Puppies

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    Calling all dog fans, come get the latest and greatest Blogger Yellow Labrador puppy template! This template is an original from your favorite template site, eBlog Templates. It’s a cute dog loving template with three yellow lab puppies wearing red collars posing outside on the grass. The header also includes dynamic tabs so you can […]

  • Here’s the original Premium Newspaper Theme (PNT) that started off this collection of professional magazine-style themes by Adii. You can tell just by looking at this beauty that your blog will rise to a new level once you buy and install this theme. The high quality craftsmanship of the design and underlying code will provide […]

  • Here’s another high quality Premium WordPress theme that’s shaking up the blogging world. This clean, professional, magazine-style theme will take your blog to a new level by providing you a solid design base and a ton of exceptional features. It’s also setup to run several different banner ads so you can make additional money from […]

  • R-Black Web

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    Introducing a new cool black, red, and white colored WordPress theme. The header is a nice arrangement of splotches, starbursts, butterflies, and a red flower. This template also comes with a separate editable header file so you can customize it even more to your liking. It’s been tested on: IE7, IE6, FireFox 2, Opera, Safari […]

  • SFDC Blogger

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    Here’s a nice simple 2 column web 2.0 template with header tabs and sidebar modules. It also includes a custom rss sidebar button, recent posts and comments widgets, search box, and a link widget. All images are hosted using our Photobucket Pro account so just download this Blogspot template and get to work. The original […]

  • Quirky Valentine

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    In honor of Valentine’s Day, eBlog Templates is releasing a heart-themed Blogger template called Quirky Valentine. It’s got a very pink and white look and comes with the standard template widgets. The header you see in the screenshot is only an example since you’ll need to edit and add your own text. The font used […]

  • WP Premium

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    After hours of code editing and tweaking, I’d like to welcome WP Premium Red to the eBlog Templates library. This gorgeous and powerful three column fixed width template originally designed for WordPress, can now be yours for free (all I ask of you is to please keep the footer links intact as a token of […]