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  • This design has proved to be really popular in the WordPress community and rightfully so. It’s got a very cool three column layout with many tabs and built in features like Flickr and a photo randomizer so you can have a different picture load each time your page refreshes. The theme is suitably labelled WP-Polaroid […]

  • Sky3c

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    This beautiful WordPress sky theme is a great addition to your WordPress theme library. If the mood is right, you can activate it and show off your sky. 🙂

  • Silver Blue

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    This simple and basic theme is ready for you to spruce up. It needs some color or a new header to liven it up! Comes with a built in search box.

  • Catch My Shooting Star

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    A wistful, whimsical theme in green and black. Converted to WP by Grab A Theme Sweet Melancholy & Grab A Theme

  • Several

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    This theme has a nice large header area where you can display your recent posts and comments. Both plugins are needed in order for that to work properly, however. Enjoy this nicely laid out red and white theme!

  • Wood Press

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    WoodPress is a theme true to my slogan; clean and simple. There are many websites with wooden backgrounds, so I wanted to make a WordPress theme with the same woody feel. Here are some of the features: Clean and simple 2-column layout Flickr stream in sidebar Ad box in sidebar Widget ready The blog entry […]

  • Portrait Press

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    This theme was designed with the picture/portrait in the header in mind. The author wanted to give the theme a personal touch, so he made it possible to change the picture by only replacing the image with a same size image of what you wish to display. The wonders of CSS. 🙂 Here are some […]

  • Glossy Blue

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    Glossy Blue template for the new xml Blogger is very nice and functional. It’s got tabs across the top which are dynamically created from a link list. You just enter the tabs and urls you want and they automatically appear. No need to fiddle with the xml code! The sidebar also has recent posts and […]

  • Wpdesigner7

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    Wpdesigner7 is a red, two-column, semi-grid-based WordPress theme, previously used by Wpdesigner.com. The default color is red, but it has a style-switcher you can use to pick blue or green. And if you know how, you can add other colors to the style-switcher. Use the blue or green style sheet as your guide. My Avatars […]

  • Neoclassical

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    How does your language look right now? Are you communicating as effectively as possible, or have poor typography and visual clutter got you down? Solve those problems and free your content with the Neoclassical Theme for WordPress, a simple and elegant template system that offers classical styling, rich typography, and huge random header images.

  • Talian

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    Talian is a 3 column theme with a perfect combination of green, orange, and black color. This theme is widget ready, SEO friendly, adsense ad ready, and doesn’t depend on plugins. Some people confuse the theme name with “Taliban” which it actually has nothing to do with. The actual theme name “Talian” is in memory […]

  • Cutline

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    Take your Web site to the next level with the Cutline Theme for WordPress. Whether you’re an ambitious soul with aspirations of becoming a publishing powerhouse or you simply want an elegant home on the Web, your journey starts with Cutline. Today, you can put an end to boring default styling and step into a […]