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  • Missing Piece

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    If puzzles or games are your thing, then this is a great template for you. It’s a rounded web 2.0-style xml Blogger template with cool puzzle modules. It’s a two column green, red, and black colored template with a footer widget just for your ads (or whatever you want). You’ll need to make some changes […]

  • Blog Oh Blog V2.0

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    Blog Oh Blog v2.0 is a very clean and useful new Blogger template. It’s been enhanced by eBlog Templates so it’s more functional and easier for you to setup! It comes with 3 columns and the following widgets. Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Search, RSS Feed, Link List, and tabbed navigation. It’s easy to update the […]

  • Sun Flower

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    This is a simple 3 column Sun Flower Blogger template based off the rounders template. It’s perfect for a flower-type theme or a personal blog skin. Nothing fancy here and it’s an easy to setup and install template. Thanks to Template Panic for converting this into the new xml Blogger template.

  • Grey Press

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    Here’s a new template based off the original Cutline WordPress theme which is a sophisticated and very functional Blogger template. The best part is it’s extremely flexible and can be used for any type of blog. It allows you to switch out the header image which means the type of theme you can have is […]

  • Red Stamp

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    Please welcome the latest Blogger template to our library. eBlog Templates was first to convert this classy web 2.0 styled Red Stamp template. It’s actually better than the original WordPress version since we’ve added in additional features like: RSS Feed icon in the header Recent Posts widget Recent Comments widget Ads widget We’ve made this […]

  • iWork

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    This fabulous, futuristic, and web 2.0 Blogger template is full of style and features. It’s an ideal template for someone who loves Apple’s look and or gadgets. Of course, if that it not your personality you can still download the template and use it however you like. Some of the cool widgets this template includes […]

  • Curious Cat

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    Today seems to be an animal Blogger template day. This is the second cat template I’ve made available for all you cat lovers around the world. This is a rather simple template with minimal features so it’s easy for anyone to setup. Just download and install. There’s only one image which is the cute kitten […]

  • Cats

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    Are you an animal lover especially for cats or kittens? If so, then this is the ideal Blogger template for you. This cute and fuzzy blog skin comes with four furballs of love that sleep all day and occasionally watch over your blog posts. Not only is this a cute template but it’s quite functional […]

  • iTheme

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    For all you Apple Mac lovers out there, here’s the WordPress theme you’ve been waiting for. The look and feel is just like that of a Mac OS so your blog can be just as familiar as your computer. Even if you don’t own a Mac, you’re still free to use this template as you […]

  • Home

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    This cool house template is great for anyone looking to add a real estate or home-type theme to their Blogger/Blogspot site. The header comes with with a beautiful shot of a single family home at night time and includes a nice set of tabs for navigation. Not only that but this baby comes equipt with […]

  • Nature’s Charm

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    This nice Autumn flower Blogger template is quite pretty as well as functional. The header image contains a nice picture of flowers (Sunflower, etc) so you can use it for a florist theme or any other creative blog you can think of. It’s a two column template with header tabs and all the great page […]

  • Tastelessly

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    I’d like to welcome this latest converted Blogger template to our family. Tastelessly is a really cool three-column new Blogger template with lots of built in features. The header image is a cool spider web with morning dew glistening in the light. Some of the features include: Header tabs Search box Recent posts page element […]