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Name: David C

Profile: Hi, I'm the founder of eBlog Templates and am excited to offer you dozens of free high quality Blogger templates and WordPress themes! Our authors are from all over the world and only submit their best work which we then screen before posting on our site. You should also visit our article sections and read our "how-to" and "tips and tricks" articles which will help you become a better and smarter blogger. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you back again soon!


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    The Definitive Guide to WordPress SEO

    WordPress Articles |

    One of my favorite things about WordPress is the ability to easily add new functionality by just installing a plugin. Basically it’s open source so anyone can whip out a plugin as long as they understand the WordPress API. Plugins can only go so far though especially when it comes to optimizing your blog for […]

    Create Cool Images With a Wet Floor Effect Maker

    Blogger Articles, WordPress Articles |

    Ever since the beginning of “web 2.0”, designers started creating logos or images with reflections that look pretty cool. Most of the time these images are done by professional in-house web designers which most of us bloggers don’t have the skill or access to. Fortunately there are two sites I came across that can add […]

    Get Paid to Write Reviews on Your Blog

    Blogger Articles, WordPress Articles |

    There are several relatively easy ways to make some money from your blog such as using Google AdSense, selling private ad spots, and writing reviews. The downside with using Google AdSense and trying to sell private ad spots is your blog must have enough traffic to generate the clicks or page impressions. My guess is […]

    Why Most Bloggers Are Stuck – Reporters vs Experts

    Blogger Articles, WordPress Articles |

    There are basically two types of bloggers in the world – reporters and experts – and some people perform both roles (usually the experts, it’s hard for reporters to become experts, but it’s easy for experts to report). If you have ever taken an Internet marketing course or attended a seminar specifically for beginners, you […]

    Yaro Starak’s 10 Great Blog Traffic Tips

    Blogger Articles, WordPress Articles |

    Yaro has just reopened his Become a Blogger program which you should check out. In every bloggers life comes a special day – the day they first launch a new blog. Now unless you went out and purchased someone else”s blog chances are your blog launched with only one very loyal reader – you. Maybe […]

    Mashable’s “70 Fresh & Modern Blogger Templates” List

    Blogger Articles |

    Mashable.com just released a new list of their favorite 70 Fresh & Modern Blogger Templates. Of the 70 total templates mentioned by Mashable, a whopping 9 were selected from eBlog Templates. It’s great to be recognized from such an established site and the other templates listed there are also some great ones. I’m actually surprised […]

    “What Blog Template Should I Make Next?” Contest Results

    Blogger Articles |

    The results are in and we have a winner! If you haven’t been following our “What Blog Template Should I Make Next?” Contest then let me quickly fill you in. At the end of February, I asked my readers to submit templates they wanted to convert to Blogger. We received many cool submissions and narrowed […]

    Upgrade WordPress to Version 2.51

    WordPress Articles |

    If you’ve recently upgraded your WordPress blog to version 2.5, it’s time to upgrade again. This time you won’t notice any visual difference because this upgrade fixes some bugs and patches a security issue. You can read all about what’s included in this version on the official WordPress blog. It sure is a pain having […]