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Name: David C

Profile: Hi, I'm the founder of eBlog Templates and am excited to offer you dozens of free high quality Blogger templates and WordPress themes! Our authors are from all over the world and only submit their best work which we then screen before posting on our site. You should also visit our article sections and read our "how-to" and "tips and tricks" articles which will help you become a better and smarter blogger. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you back again soon!


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    Top 5 Free Blog Header Image Websites

    Blogger Articles |

    Your blog is a representation of who you are so it should be unique, right? The only problem is most free Blogger templates (if not all) are available to anyone so chances of you stumbling across another site that looks very similar to yours is going to be high. It’s like going to a party […]

    Blogger Releases Help Video Tutorials on YouTube

    Blogger Articles |

    If you’re tired of trying to browse Blogger’s Help Center in hopes of finding an answer to your question then this recent announcement from Blogger might be just what you’re looking for. Google Blogger has setup a YouTube channel specifically to show users step by step how to use Blogger features. This is a great […]

    How to Embed Ad Code Anywhere in Your Blogger Template

    Blogger Articles |

    Have you ever tried to insert javascript ad code directly into your Blogger Template and it just wouldn’t work? Ok, everyone in the room can put their hands down now. This has always been a huge problem for blog authors using Google Blogger looking to monetize their site since almost all ad code contains javascript. […]

    Blogger Team Identifies Potential Spam Blogs

    Blogger Articles |

    The Google Blogger team is always looking for ways to improve methods to battle sploggers but their systems don’t always work as planned. One of my blogs was recently flagged as a splog by the Google Blogger team and I was sent this automated email from them. Dear Blogger user, This is a message from […]

    How to Display More Targeted AdSense Ads on Your Blog

    Blogger Articles, WordPress Articles |

    In the past, your typical blogger would be content enough just having their own blog. But now, bloggers in general are becoming more knowledgeable with ways to monetize their blog and with the availability of free information on the web, they do a decent job. For example, how many blogs do you read these days […]

    Speed Up Your Blogger Page Load Time – Compress Your CSS

    Blogger Articles |

    You have to admit, most free 3rd party Blogger templates that you download are a mess. You open up the xml file and it’s a long and ugly-looking beast of code spaghetti. If you’re like me, you prefer a nice and neat template (even though you’ll be the only one seeing it) and you’ll want […]

    Recent Blogger Update Breaks Several Templates

    Blogger Articles |

    Blogger has done it again. They’ve released another round of “fixes” that ended up causing us more trouble than good. Within the last week or so, Blogger released at least one noticeable change to their xml parser. How do I know this? Because several readers started complaining about our templates not working so I decided […]

    50 Great Widgets For Your Blog

    Blogger Articles, WordPress Articles |

    Widgets are a great way to add some flare and uniqueness to your blog. Whether you’d like to show your live blog traffic stats or show your visitors which sites have recently linked to your web site, you can do it with widgets. I recently came across a list of 50 great blog add-ons that […]

    eBlog Templates Surpasses 10,000 Downloads

    Blogger Articles, WordPress Articles |

    On February 29th, 2008, eBlog Templates hit an amazing milestone of having served over 10,000 WordPress and Blogger template downloads. Not only is that an huge number of downloads for a website in general, but the impressive part is eBlog Templates is only 2 1/2 months old. We launched December 15th 2007 and have had […]

    Drive New Traffic to Your Blog Using Spotplex

    Blogger Articles, WordPress Articles |

    Are you someone who always submits your blog posts to Digg hoping it gets enough “Diggs” to make their front page? Well, here’s a new site that takes all the work out of having to submit your post each time. Spotplex is a free service that dynamically provides an instant, impartial ranking of popular web […]

    Increase Your Recent Posts and Comments to 10 – Blogger Hack

    Blogger Articles |

    Before you get too excited and try the tricks in this post, I just wanted to let you know beforehand that it might not work anymore. Several visitors have tried and told me it didn’t work so the result might be the same for you. Blogger continues to make changes without announcing them so hacks […]

    Make Your Own Cool Web 2.0 Blog Buttons

    Blogger Articles, WordPress Articles |

    Many of us have blogs and templates we’d like to customize but we just don’t have the skills or software to do it. It also takes time to make design elements in photo editing software so why even bother right? Well, thanks to a cool new website I found called My Cool Button, you can […]