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Name: David C

Profile: Hi, I'm the founder of eBlog Templates and am excited to offer you dozens of free high quality Blogger templates and WordPress themes! Our authors are from all over the world and only submit their best work which we then screen before posting on our site. You should also visit our article sections and read our "how-to" and "tips and tricks" articles which will help you become a better and smarter blogger. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you back again soon!


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    “What Blogger Template Should I Make Next?” Contest

    Blogger Articles |

    I get tons of emails and comments from people asking me to convert all sorts of different templates but unfortunately I can’t fulfill everyone’s request. There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of really cool WordPress and open source .css templates available on the web but it’s sometimes difficult to decide which Blogger templates will […]

    How to Create a “What’s Next” Post Footer Section

    Blogger Articles, WordPress Articles |

    Ever come across a blog with a really cool individual post footer section called “What’s Next” and wonder how it was created? It’s not a WordPress plugin or a Blogger widget (at least not yet) and you’ll find it on blogs such as this one, Blogger Buster, and ProBlogger, just to name a few. I’m […]

    “How Much Is Your Blog Worth” Calculator

    Blogger Articles, WordPress Articles |

    Ever wonder how much your blog is actually worth? Well, unlike cars there’s no blog blue book so the value of one’s blog can depend on many different factors. I came across this cool blog calculator which is a quick and easy way to get a ballpark figure of what your blog may be worth […]

    How To Add The Blogger “Read More” Expandable Posts Link

    Blogger Articles |

    This is a pretty popular Blogger hack that lots of people have asked me about. Instead of answering to each email individually, I thought it would make more sense to write an article about it. With this hack, you can choose to display a select amount of text from the beginning of each post as […]

    Super Charge Your Blogger Comments With Intense Debate

    Blogger Articles |

    One of the shortcomings of Google’s Blogger is the lack of a quality commenting system. Out of the box, it comes with a very generic non-interactive inline comment reply system that works fine but is to basic for most people. Luckily there’s a new website called Intense Debate that provides an amazing free commenting package […]

    Blogger Update Breaks Page Element Layout Editor

    Blogger Articles |

    Last night (Feb 12th, 2008) the Blogger/Blogspot engineering team at Google released a patch with a few updates and bugs fixes which apparently did more harm than good. There are numerous reports in the Blogger Help Group of people having problems with their page element layout editor not working properly. Update (2/15/08): Blogger has acknowledged […]

    Free Live Blog Traffic Widget

    Blogger Articles |

    Ever want to know things like who’s visited your web site, where they came from, and what they’re reading? Well, now you can with this cool free blog widget by FEEDJIT. They provide a simple page where you select one of four widgets which are: live traffic feed, live traffic map,  live recommended reading,  or […]

    Instant WordPress Theme Creator

    WordPress Articles |

    Ever wanted to make your own WordPress theme but you don’t know how to program? Well, you’re in luck! There’s a really cool WordPress Theme Generator where you can select how many columns you want, color scheme, text scheme, menu type, tag cloud, and more — all with just selecting a few drop downs. Once […]

    How To Replace the WordPress Dashboard Google Blog Feed With Technorati

    WordPress Articles |

    In WordPress version 2.3, the very important Technorati incoming links feed on the WordPress dashboard was quietly replaced by Google Blog Search. There hasn’t been much talk about this in the blogosphere because I don’t think most people have realized the change. To me, it was pretty noticeable because the frequency and quality of inbound […]

    Spy on Your Competitor – Find Out What WordPress Plugins They’re Using

    WordPress Articles |

    With most installations of WordPress there comes a small security flaw that potentially could be exploited but in most cases it’s harmless. This is not a new trick and it’s nothing illegal to do but usually you can find out exactly what plugins other WordPress blogs are using. This simple way of sniffing out one’s […]

    How To Easily Make Your Own Web 2.0 Blog Logo

    Blogger Articles, WordPress Articles |

    It’s a question I get asked quite often and I figured it’s easier just to write a post about it. Many people who download Blogger templates or WordPress themes from our site would like to replace the default header image with one more personal and professional-looking. Some templates come with header logo or some with […]

    Did Someone Copy Your Blog Content?

    Blogger Articles |

    Content theft is becoming a huge issue especially with the ease of accessing data via the web. There are several reasons why someone would steal your Blog’s content instead of linking to it and giving you credit and with RSS feeds providing a full extract of your content, it’s easy to do. If you’re a […]