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Drivin to LA Template

Click to enlarge Drivin to LA Blogger template

This cute retro 60’s or early 70’s template seems like it’s straight out the sitcom “Happy Days”. It’s a nice soothing greenish-blue template with a header of some trees, a half moon, and a couple cruising in their car.

You can virtually use this template for any scenario but since it’s more of a throw-back, it’s probably best fit for a 60’s themed blog.

The images are all hosted on our Pro Photobucket account so you don’t need to worry about uploading them yourself.

Thanks to Suck My Lolly for designing and building this template for the new xml Blogger!

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One Response to “Drivin to LA”

Sharnee on Apr 17, 2009, 8:19 pm  

Oh I have just noticed that you have this template of mine up for download on your site – confusing because NO ONE ASKED ME FOR PERMISSION! While I appreciate you wanting to share my templates, I would also appreciate you not ultimately using my template to make you money (through your ads and donations).

While it appears that I have an “eblogtemplate” account under the username of suckmylolly, this is not actually me as I do not offer my templates on 3rd party sites.

Kindly remove asap.